About Us

what is it?

MAC has been developed through a partnership between comedy industry and tech industry professionals. This has enabled the team to address the concerns of modern comedians and comedy lovers everywhere through use of the very latest technology. The team is led by:

who is it?

Eamonn Sadler

Having worked as a comedy promoter and MC since 2001, Eamonn has wide ranging experience in every aspect of the comedy industry. He has produced and managed more than 200 professional shows in and around Southeast Asia plus many corporate events and festivals. He is fortunate enough to count many professional comedians among his closest friends and he has an intimate understanding of the many challenges faced by professional comedians today.

MAC is the result of his genuine desire to help comedians get the recognition and rewards they deserve as professional entertainers, while making it easier for the people who love what comedians do to find out when and where they are doing it. He currently arranges tours for professional comedians in more than ten countries while producing regular shows in locations across Asia.

Sachin Gopalan

With decades of experience in the media and IT industries, Sachin is the perfect man to head the technical development of the MAC platform. He is a comedy connoisseur and an astute businessman, which puts him in the ideal position to take the comedy industry to its next logical level of development. He is also an experienced event organiser, having produced and managed many large music and comedy festivals as well as business seminars in locations across India and Asia. Sachin is involved in many business ventures and is actively developing start-ups by helping and enabling young entrepreneurs to take new ideas to market. He is a we ll-known figure in the international business community and has connections at the highest levels in many different industries.

Eamonn and Sachin have been close friends for more than 15 years and MAC is the result of their combined experience and skills. It is also proof that they both genuinely are “Mad About Comedy”.