Jonathan Samson & Justin Heyes

Friday, November 03, 2017

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All the way from the US, Jonathan Samson brings a trans-Pacific view of life to the Asian experience. He is a well known face on TV and has appeared in multiple movies, radio shows and podcasts around the region.

As a comedian, Jonathan‚Äč has appeared on multiple stages and has brought his unique brand of humour to hundreds of audiences all over Asia and across the US. From insightful to silly, intellectual to whacky, Jonathan's humour crosses boundaries and brings together audiences of every nationality and background.

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Justin Heyes is arguably one of the UK’s most loveable comedy exports. A storyteller at heart, his honest reflections of his own experiences never fail to entertain a diverse array of audiences.

A crowd favourite, Justin has headlined numerous shows across Kuala Lumpur, been a part of the ‘LOLFest’, ‘Crackhouse Carnival’, and ‘Singapore Fringe Festival', all while branching out to entertain audiences in Penang, Johor Bahru, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Australia and the UK.

He has appeared on Malaysian cinema in the film 'Satu Malam: Projek Kakaran' and television in the film ‘Cinta Di Gerai’, and sitcom ‘Cakap Melayulah’, and was the first English comic to perform stand up in Bahasa Melayu on Malaysian television when he appeared twice on ‘Komediri’.

He has subsequently appeared on Malaysian television on ‘Komediri 2’, ‘Komediri English’, and ‘Sembang Teh Tarik’, as well as Malaysia’s first online stand up comedy series, as one of the faces of the iFlix original ‘Oi! Jaga Mulut’.

‚ÄčIn his time on stage, Justin has opened for international stars such as Marcel Lucont, Butch Bradley, Dana Alexander, Brendon Burns, Paul Ogata, Glenn Wool, Imran Yusuf, John Robertson, Tom Rhodes, Ed Byrne, Dara O Briain and Gina Yashere.